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Turning Christian Guys Down – VIDEO

July 30, 2014


The gentlemen are welcome to join us in a respectful discussion on this topic.   http:/

Saying “I love you” in a Dating Relationship

July 28, 2014


FROM A READER: I was wondering what your thoughts are on those three big little words (I love you) in a dating relationship. I know of some single Christian girls who never want to hear those words from the guy they care about until he proposes. I also know that I don’t want to say […]

I’m Back!!!!

July 21, 2014


  I spent a lot of time at my quiet time spot during my break :) This past month was a much needed time of rest for me. I appreciate your patience, understanding and support as I unplugged from the blog, FB and emails and really focused on God, Greg and our children. The first […]

A BIG Summer Schedule Change

June 19, 2014


April and daughter, Haley, at Grandfather Mountain, NC this past week I am planning to take about 4 weeks off from blogging, social media and emailing. My first electronic fast!!! I want to focus on God and my family, especially while my children are home this summer and I have the chance to be with […]

Our Trip to a Mountain Farm – (with lots of pics!)

June 19, 2014

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Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
Greg took the kids and me on a 3 day trip to the Old Farmhouse at Millet’s Pond in Todd, NC last Saturday through this past Tuesday. Wow. WE ALL LOVED IT! We unplugged from our screens and electronics. It was glorious! And we spent time doing things that…

“You Enjoy Being Miserable!”

June 13, 2014


April and Brandon in 2003 I remember Greg saying this to me earlier in our marriage at some point. “You want to be miserable. You enjoy being upset. You don’t want to be happy.” I was shocked. Of course I didn’t enjoy being miserable. That was ridiculous! But his statement made me think a bit. […]

“Weaning Myself Off of Worldly Beauty”

June 13, 2014


From a wife I greatly admire and respect. I appreciate her willingness to share! Wow !!!! I have not had access to the internet for several days so i was going through the posts I’ve missed (about worldly beauty vs. godly beauty this week on and I am about to fall out my computer […]

A Christian Guy Shares His Heart about Women Dressing Modestly

June 12, 2014


  Check this out, ladies! I think it is so good for us to hear this perspective. :) a 3 minute video   Much love, April

Seeking Godly Beauty – by Nikka

June 11, 2014

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Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
? One more post about beauty and body image. Then we will switch gears. :) I am not going to be very close to a computer today. But I am praying for each of you! I know that you will bless, encourage and exhort one another as you always…

“I May Never Have Worldly Beauty”

June 10, 2014

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Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
? April in 1st grade ? April in 7th grade ? From Peacefulwife: I didn’t feel beautiful or feminine at all when I was growing up. My twin sister was “the girly one.” I was the tomboy. I was my Daddy’s son substitute until our little brother was old enough…


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