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Some Questions about Your Parents’ Relationship

October 22, 2014


          If your parents did get divorced, I would love to hear from you. I want to do a series about healing from the effects of our parents’ divorce (not to blame parents, but to take a clear look at the effects of parents’ examples and of divorce on girls as […]

What’s in My Closet? VIDEO!

October 21, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
I have had so many requests about doing a video like this, I finally decided to do one! Enjoy!!! ? ? RELATED: Why I Wear Skirts Daily – Part 1 Why I Wear Skirts Daily – Part 2 My Journey into Femininity and Modesty Why Long Hair? Why I…

A Test

October 15, 2014


Most of us have been through school. Some of us have gone to college. Every teacher gave us tests. Why? Well, human teachers are not omniscient. They need to know that we have learned the material they taught us and that we understand it well. But tests are also for the students. Tests motivate us […]

Let’s Pray Together!

October 14, 2014


(Gentlemen are welcome to pray with us, as well) Almighty Lord, PRAISE You alone are the Creator of this universe. You are the Great I Am. You are completely holy. You are incapable of evil. You cannot tolerate sin. Yet, You are completely Love. You are the very embodiment of what Love means and Who […]

A Beautiful, Feminine Example of How to Handle Conflict

October 12, 2014


A reader allowed me to share her comments from “Godly Femininity – Part 1.” Thank you, my sweet sister!!!! Please note ladies, this is an example where the husband did not purposely try to hurt his wife. READER: So humbling…… Yesterday, I did so poorly with my dear husband. We got into a bad argument […]

Don’t Worry, I Am Not Perfect! Some Encouragement

October 10, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
I don’t want any of you to think that I am perfect or to put me, my husband, our marriage (or any sinful human) on a pedestal. I am nothing and can do nothing apart from Christ. I am a long way from where I was 6 years ago.…

Godly Femininity – Part 2

October 8, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
? ? ? ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE – Oops! I meant to have this go out Thursday. I know there was a LOT of material yesterday. I will plan not to post anything the rest of the week to give everyone some time to digest these 2 posts. I will respond…


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