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“Wasting” Myself

August 22, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
May 28, 2013 – our 19th anniversary. Picture taken in front of the church where we were married in 1994. There is an incredible chapter in Watchman Nee’s “The Normal Christian Life” about “wasting ourselves” for Christ. If you haven’t read this book yet, PLEASE, PLEASE read it! I…

Meet Our New Kitty, Silver!

August 20, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
We welcomed a new kitten into our home last Friday. We have ALL been enjoying Silver, SO much! It has been interesting just how much having a 12 week old kitten around changes the dynamics in the house. :) Some of you may be interested in seeing some pics.…

Some Things Are Unconditional, Some Are Not!

August 19, 2014


Guess what? Peaceful Single Girl reached 1 million views last week!?!!?? That is crazy. Such a God thing. Just wanted to celebrate that milestone together with y’all. You are precious to me! Here is a post that is on today that goes into detail about the important distinctions between some very foundational concepts for […]

Dream Disney Weddings /

August 18, 2014


My friend and I were looking at Disney’s wedding stuff lately – all the things you can buy and do if you have a wedding at Disney World. Wow! There sure are some beautiful, fantastical ideas there and a LOT of ways to spend gobs and gobs of money. The pictures are glorious. They do […]

Thoughts on Self-Hatred

August 17, 2014


Self loathing, body image issues, false humility and low self esteem are actually forms of pride. They are insidious. But, the idea is, “I am not content with how God made me. What God has given me (my body, my life or my circumstances), is not good enough. God was not good to me.” Thankfully, […]

God Equips and Empowers a Wife to Stand Firm in the Face of Her Husband’s Sin

August 14, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
A HUGE thank you to the JoyfilledWife for sharing her story. What her counselor suggested for her may apply to some other wives in similar situations – or some of it may not. If you are experiencing severe issues in your marriage, please seek godly counsel with someone you…

When Other People Disrespect Your Man

August 11, 2014


What can you do if friends, coworkers or family members treat your man with disrespect? What if they purposely try to humiliate him,  put him down, make fun of him, insult him and make him the butt of their jokes? ——————– First of all, I am assuming that you are a disciple of Christ and […]

A Wife’s and Daughter’s Submission and a Violin

August 7, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
From a sister in Christ. Thank you so much, Free Indeed, for sharing your story! It is SO inspiring! Wonderful post! Just the facts, ma’am! This stuff is so important!! Since you asked, I’ll share a recent obedience/submission story: A few weeks ago, our family was at a garage…

Submission Means We Hold the Things of This World Loosely

August 6, 2014


Originally posted on Peacefulwife's Blog:
? “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for Me will save it. What good is it for a man to gain…

How to Look Desperate and Needy to a Man

August 4, 2014


I would like to invite the gentlemen to comment respectfully on this post, if you would like to share your perspective on this particular issue. I think it is important for our sisters in Christ to realize exactly what they are communicating to men when they do and say certain things. From a reader: On […]


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