20 Ways to Score Points with Your Man

Posted on June 6, 2012 by

Of course, each guy has his own preferences.  So you will want to become a student of the particular man you have.  But here are some general things that tend to cause the guys we love to adore us.

  • Be pleasant to be around.  Use that gorgeous smile of yours a lot!
  • Be easy to please and delight – that makes him want to try even harder to light up your face again.  Your delight is his reward!
  • Be a wonderful audience.  Laugh at his jokes.
  • Be able to laugh at yourself and your mistakes.
  • Be humble!  If you come across as you think you are smarter or “always right” that is a HUGE turn off to guys!
  • Be teachable.  Appreciate his masculine perspective and wisdom that is different from your own.
  • Wear beautiful, feminine, modest clothing that you know he loves sometimes.
  • Wear your hair the way he likes it sometimes.
  • Verbally praise all that you see that is godly in him.
  • Cooperate with his ideas when possible.
  • Be interested in his hobbies and dreams.  Let your relationship be a safe place for him to daydream and share his heart.  Don’t squash or stomp on his ideas and dreams.  Just praise the ones you like and be silent about the ones you don’t like so much.
  • Learn to make his favorite food(s).  If possible, learning how his mom makes his favorite dishes is a REALLY great idea!
  • Don’t rush or push him.  Let him lead.  Wait on him patiently and savor the journey. 
  • Let him say, “I love you” first.  Let him call you first.  Let him declare when you are officially “dating” and let him decide when to propose without any pressure!
  • Let him have time with his friends/family/hobbies.  Don’t smother him. 
  • Take time with your friends/family and doing your hobbies on your own, too. 
  • Spend LOTS of time with God and be full of His Spirit daily!  You have to have your own unending source of joy so that he doesn’t feel pressured to try to “make” you be happy.  He can add joy to your life, but he can’t be the main source of your joy and happiness!  He’s a guy, not Christ!
  • Respect when his favorite teams are playing – only talk during the commercials.
  • Accept him as is.  Don’t try to change him or wish he was different.
  • Believe in him.