Give the Godly Guys a Chance!

Posted on June 11, 2012 by


I know that you might fantasize about being with a man who is incredibly handsome, in great physical shape, wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, intelligent, funny, maybe even famous…

But once you are married – do you realize that none of that will really matter much?  Some of it might actually bring up some pretty difficult issues! 


Once we are married, we want a husband who will represent Christ to us.  We want a guy who is selfless, generous, kind, tender, gentle, patient, giving, loving, faithful, trustworthy, responsible, honest and who makes us feel cherished, loved, adored, pampered, safe and secure.


Looks, physique and money are great.  But they can disappear or they can be overshadowed by ungodly character.  A man who is extremely good looking but who is greedy, selfish, abusive, cruel, unfaithful or manipulative suddenly doesn’t look nearly so wonderful.  A man with an incredible body who parades himself in front of other women and flirts with every girl he sees and doesn’t take your marriage vows seriously may not seem quite so worth it after awhile.  A man with great wealth who devotes all of his time to working to accumulate more wealth and spends almost no time with you will cause you a lot of loneliness, heartache and pain.  A man who is incredibly intelligent may be arrogant and condescending.  A man who is very famous might have to live like a recluse to avoid the paparazzi and you may find that you don’t like having unflattering pictures and lies about your marriage splashed all over the tabloids every few weeks.


Sometimes attraction can grow.   It is not always an instantaneous thing.  I am not saying you must date or marry a guy who repulses you or who you are not attracted to.  But I am saying, get to know the strong, godly leaders at church or on campus or at work.  A godly man’s character makes him exceedingly attractive – and that kind of attractiveness never goes away, it only gets brighter!

Try hanging around and observing the guys who really love Jesus.  Build them up.  Praise the godly things you see in them.  Notice the way they love God and love other people.  Notice the way they treat their mama, older people, waitresses, customer service people, those who are handicapped or sick… look for Jesus in them!  Hang out with the guys who really have a servant’s heart.  Be willing to go on a date or to consider some of these guys even if they don’t fit your “ideal guy” image in your head.  And pray that God might give you wisdom and show you what He desires you to do!


I pray You might provide godly husbands for these precious girls and prepare them to be godly wives if that is Your plan for them.  But most of all, I pray that You might be greatly glorified in their lives every day no matter what path You have for them.  Help them to be content where they are but also to be filled with anticipation for all the plans You have in store.   Give them a community of strong believers to nurture them and opportunities to serve You and others.  Please give them godly mentors to teach them Your ways.  Let them cling to You and become the women of Your dreams who share the love of Christ with everyone around them!  Let them be faithful servants of Christ and let them grow in their spiritual maturity and love for You.  Protect them from temptation, evil and Satan’s snares and help them stay on Your narrow path that leads to life!