A NEW Woman!

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These are some emails from a precious wife whom God has DRAMATICALLY changed in the past 2 months.  You may remember “The Fly Swatter Incident.”    It takes my breath away to see the before and after picture in her soul – and she is still VERY early in her journey.  I am SO thankful to God for what He has been doing in this wife’s heart, in her marriage and in her children.  This is TOTALLY a GOD THING.  Please lift her up in prayer as you read her story and ask God to continue to empower her to be the wife He wants her to be.  This wife couldn’t see any disrespect on her part at all at the beginning of this experience.  And now, she is so sensitive to God’s Spirit, so teachable, so broken and humble that she is figuring out many things without even having to ask about them.  She is truly developing a peaceful and gentle spirit that does not give way to fear that is very beautiful in God’s sight and in her husband’s sight!


I am just almost 2 months into learning about my DISRESPECTFUL behavior to my husband. I thank God for the blinders that are being removed I thank April for guiding me and most of all I thank my husband for confronting me with my behavior.

It was been 4 years since we have been married and it started there.

When I first was confronted  (about disrespect and being controlling 2 months ago) – it hurt me to the core of who I thought I was. I did shut down but I didn’t tell him (my husband) anything. I instead talked to April.

It has been so hard when all I have been around all my life is disrespectful women.

  • Step one for me was getting the blinders off.
  • Then it was telling God and April all the different ways I handle things and undermine my husbands authority without even knowing it. (this was a hard one because I was unaware that I was even disrespectful I thought I was doing the Christian thing).
  • Then it was a sorrowful repentance to my husband. (and it wasn’t making it about me this time and how I felt because I always did that).  It was this time how I have hurt him this was so sad to see the look on his face and how my disrespectful behavior has really impacted him.
  • And now its reading the Surrendered Wife and reading God’s Word renewing my mind which is a battle but with God all things are possible.

Now everything is not peachy because I have done a lot of damage to my hubby in this area but I pray and trust God for healing in my husband and I ask Him for His strength daily to yield to the Holy Spirit so that I may be obedient to His Word and then in return to my hubby.

Like I said it has been about 2 months and I have heard so many compliments from my husband just by agreeing with his decisions and telling him that I trust him to lead our family and thanking him for all the things he does for us.


Wow it’s been awhile since we have talked, right? Ok – so for me everything is still going good. I can’t believe it. I really CAN’T! I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing and you know what? For the first time in forever I feel peace! Not only in my mind but in my heart too. I feel like I died to something and I have new life now.

And I can’t believe it because was it all over me controlling my life and not surrendering to Christ?

  • I feel totally surrendered to him!
  • I now have a yearning and a desire to obey His Word and do as He says rather than feeling like I had to.
  • The peace in my home is unbelievable.
  • My son actually wants to be around me and before he never wanted to be near me and he would never let me hug him now every night he asks for hugs.
  • My husband wants me more than ever! He is like all over me even on the days were I dont feel so cute!

April is all this real? Is there finally a change taking place? God’s peace is so amazing and I feel like I don’t have to control a thing anymore. And when my husband asks me something, I say, “Whatever you want to do. I am with you!” WOW! I would never ever ever ever say that (before)!!

You have become part of my conversations with other woman and how you helped point out something in my life that I was very blind to – something that was not easy for me, April, as well as for any wife, I guess.

And I met with my new mentor today. She said she has been praying for me for a few years now and she said that today on the way over she just felt the Lord letting her know in her spirit that she was not going to be meeting with me anymore because she said she got this strong feeling of God letting her know that He finally has me! I was like, “What!!!” She said,  ”Yeah, I have been praying on what study me and you can do.” But she said, “I truly believe this time that you truly have surrendered to Christ!”

Well, April, I sure do feel like I have!!!

From the past I have had and all the torment in my mind I have not been this FREE EVER!! I told her you have been such a HUGE BLESSING and your ministry has really helped me alot. I just kinda feel like it’s a dream!

I was so used to living so destructively that this is so different but I love it. So here I was a wretched woman, wife and mom, running my own life as well as my husbands due to a lack of trust in The One and Only true God. Control and manipulation, Jealousy and anger ruled my heart! I knew that something was still wrong with me after all of the counseling I had been through. And stumbling across your website I don’t even know how – that truly was a God thing – has brought me to an end of a life that I no longer want to nor do I have to live ever again!. Yesterday I hugged my husband and told him, “Thank you again for all that you have been doing in taking care of all of us even when it was the hardest thing to do while this was going on!” and I told him for once in our marriage I see that he is loving, caring, outgoing – when before I was not able to see that in him. And that was because I was seeing him through my own eyes which were blinded to the truth, God’s truth.

He was like, “Wow, Babe! Thank you!”  I think he is so SHOCKED LOL.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh  what a relief.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

From Peacefulwife:

Many women think the will GIVE UP power in their relationship if they obey God’s design and allow their husbands to lead and show respect to their husbands.  That is actually the OPPOSITE of what really happens.  I wish that the women who are afraid of obeying God could live my life for 24 hours and feel the supernatural peace that lives in my heart every day, and feel the joy I get to experience and see how I actually get MUCH MORE of what I want now than I ever did before!  I wish they could see the way my husband looks at me again, and is happy to talk with me almost any time, and how he stands taller and is such a godly leader and much more involved father and husband now.  I wish they could see how much more intimate my marriage is on every level and how peaceful our children are and how respectful they are now, too.  

When we obey God – what looks like a sacrifice at first – ends up bringing so many blessings that when you look back, you realize what you gave up wasn’t even a sacrifice at all!  He holds the path to abundant life.  It is available to you if you will follow Him and allow Him to be the Lord of everything in your life!


If there is something in your life you HAVE to have and you CAN’T be happy unless you have that thing, that person, that goal – please prayerfully consider whether you have an idol in your heart.  Only Christ should be in that place of worship in your soul.  If anything else is there, it has to go!  You can’t experience the blessings of obeying God when you are cherishing sin or idolatry!  And you can’t experience the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control when you don’t have God’s Spirit or have grieved His Spirit by holding on to sin.  If you don’t have the fruit of the Spirit in your life on a daily and powerful basis – it is time to do some digging and ask God what sin you are cherishing or what you are idolizing above Him.  Repent of any sin God reveals to you and live in total obedience to Him and you will make His Spirit welcome in your heart!

Leave a comment if you have a testimony to share about how God has changed you and blessed your relationship or if you are struggling, you may leave comments any time!