Had to Share this Story!

Posted on October 25, 2012 by

I LIKE what I hear from this precious sister in Christ.  What a wonderful description of the young man she has found.  This is the kind of beginning to a relationship to look for, ladies!  Thanks to my friend for sharing!

Hi April!

I don’t know if you remember me…but, you helped me a LOT with a miserable breakup.

I just thought I’d tell you…two months later, I met this incredible guy through a Christian ministry I got involved with here at college. We are now dating, officially, as of today. He is…incredible.

You told me I need to look for a guy who loves Jesus more than he likes/loves me…this guy definitely does/will- though he treats me like an absolute princess. He asked a lot of questions about my faith before he asked me to be his girlfriend- a great sign! He helps lead worship at a church, is really cute, funny, interesting, cool, and is very driven and motivated. 🙂 I am…ecstatic. 🙂 Best of all, I think we can actually have a relationship that honors God (I *know* the last one didn’t).

I have been faithfully reading your blog and watching your videos, because I want to do this *right* this time. I’m so excited, because he seems to know a lot about being the initiator. He made it very clear he liked me and wanted to pursue a relationship- no games. He opens every door for me- even in the car- which no other guy has done. He’s such a gentleman and so charming…I already have much respect for him.  So, anyway. I just wanted to thank you for your help, and for praying for me.

Thank you so much!