God Leads the Way to An Amazing Guy

Posted on October 26, 2012 by

What an incredible testimony to the blessings of doing relationships God’s way! Thank you to this precious girl for her willingness to share this incredible adventure!  We are TRULY blessed when we WAIT ON THE LORD and seek Him above all else!

Modest Exaggeration

I just love those times when everything comes together and starts making sense.

See, my first few months as an MU Tiger have been a crazy roller coaster of ups and downs.  I broke up with my boyfriend of a year, within the first two weeks.  I received a bid for a sorority and almost joined- but at the last minute, changed my mind.  I ate greasy pepperoni pizza from Rollins at midnight on a Tuesday with a frat boy…when I should’ve been writing a paper due the next morning.  I discovered, out of necessity, that caffeine gum works.  I went on my first laughably bad date.  I lost touch with some friends I thought I’d be close to forever.  I gained some friends that are just plain amazing.  I acquired a job of writing freelance articles about everything from dating- to the importance of owning a home generator.  I…

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