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Some Things to Consider before Marrying

November 30, 2012 by


Marriage is designed by God to represent the relationship between Christ and His church. For marriage to really be all that God designed it to be – with the most profound intimacy spiritually/emotionally/sexually/financially  it needs to be between two people who passionately love Jesus more than life itself. Both spouses, ideally, would love God with […]

Time to Nip that Relationship ASAP!

November 29, 2012 by


SIGNS THAT YOU ARE IN TOO DEEP WITH A MARRIED/UNAVAILABLE MAN OR UNBELIEVER: you get butterflies in your stomach if you know you might see him you think about him often you imagine what life would be like with him and daydream about him you pay extra attention to your wardrobe/hair/make-up if you think you […]


November 28, 2012 by


  What if you are tempted to flirt?  Or what if men are flirting with you? What is a woman who wants to honor God  to do? AS A YOUNG NEWLYWED, I WAS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER I am a very outgoing, friendly woman who works in retail pharmacy  and I have had my share […]

Quit Beating Yourself Up

November 27, 2012 by


Today’s blog is a guest post by Justin Campbell.  Justin is a 40 year old single guy living and working in St. Louis.  You can read more by him at his blog More Than Don’t Have Sex, where he writes about singleness, Jesus, the church, and how we can all be in it together. I don’t […]

Rejoice in Suffering

November 26, 2012 by

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Could there be a more unpalatable idea to us than this?  We don’t WANT to suffer – EVER!  And we certainly cannot begin to fathom REJOICING in suffering!  We only want comfort, ease, health and material wealth.  And we have plenty of preachers who are glad to tell us that it’s God’s will for us […]

When He is in a Funk

November 25, 2012 by


Here is a great question from a reader: How does a surrendered Godly peaceful single girl handle when her man is being a grouch? The further I get into my relationship, the more tolerant I get of the occasional mood swing as I have learned not to take it personally but there is still this […]

A Wife’s Baby Steps

November 24, 2012 by

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This is an email from a wife (with her permission) – I think it may be very encouraging to those of you who are beginning the journey to learn how to become a godly wife – to learn to submit to and respect your future husband and most of all to ultimately learn to reverence […]