Old Self

Posted on November 15, 2012 by

A thought-provoking post from my friend, Kayla at http://www.lessonsofmercy.wordpress.com.

Living Sifted

Saturday night I had an encounter with my old self.  I didn’t revert back to my old self… but I got to watch my old self being publicly displayed in other women who were acting exactly as I use to behave.  And IT. WAS. HORRIBLE!!

I had no idea how disturbing my old behavior was at all, until I watched these women in total amazement.  They were loud, obnoxious, and sexual with everyone.

At one point, this really pretty woman just yells across the table at this man “F*** YOU” and everyone erupted in laughter and further crude comments.

I was repulsed.  Once seemingly pretty, she looked hideously ugly to me in that moment.

And it shocked me even further that these other people thought is made her MORE attractive, like-able, and funny. WHY???

We were there for 6 hours, and in that time, most people didn’t go anywhere the entire time without…

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