Peaceful Single Girl Facebook Page

Posted on November 19, 2012 by

We really appreciate everyone that reads the Peaceful Single Girl Blog. The Peaceful Single Girl Blog is a great community to try to prepare women for pursuing relationships through God’s design. One thing some of you may not know is that April regularly puts short tips up on her Peaceful Single Girl Facebook page, usually at least one a day. It is also a great place to discuss posts and ask questions. A lot of you already “like” the Facebook page, but if you are not you are missing some really good stuff that might not make a regular blog post. Links to the Peaceful Single Girl posts are also put up on that page. All you have to do is hit the “like” button over on the right side to get started.

Other ways to make sure you are not missing any content is to follow the blog. You can get an email whenever a new post is published. Also, down further on the right we have a twitter account where we put up all of our posts as well as interesting tweets we run across from other marriage bloggers.

We are constantly trying to grow the Peaceful Single Girl Blog community. So, if you see something that has an impact on you or you think could help someone else we ask that you share it. Share it through Facebook, email, twitter or when you see them next.