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I love to hear how God works in different women’s lives and in their relationships. What a precious story this is. Thank you to highlyfavored1 for sharing!


I just want to start by saying thank you to Peacefulwife.. She is one of my inspirations for writing this..
Ok so for some weeks now.. I have been searching the internet for a Godly perspective on Marriages and have come accross a wealth of information especially from a peacfulwife..

I am not married yet but I am Engaged (Dream come True lol)..  but this is my experience..

I have always been easy going and have been used to being my own head if I may describe it that way.. This is because I have lived on my own for years even though I am only 25.. I always used to cringe when people will be disrepectful to their Fiances or Husbands and refuse to be forgiving towards them when they did something wrong.. ironically they always come to me; PEACE’S BIGGEST ADVOCATOR to advise them.. and i always…

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