God’s Design for Masculinity

Posted on February 4, 2013 by

The Peaceful Wife

What does it mean to be masculine or feminine?

That is a foundational question to our identity as men and women, and one that has been under extreme attack over the past several generations. The definitions of womanhood, manhood, motherhood, fatherhood and marriage have been significantly altered by our culture to the point that many of us don’t even know how we were designed and what we were created to be.

We have assumed that men and women are basically the same, and we have assumed that women should be more masculine and men should be more feminine and that it is a good thing to blur the lines between the genders and we are left with a lot of emotional/spiritual/sexual pain, confusion and great misunderstanding in our marriages and families – as well as a grave misunderstanding of God’s identity and love and how He relates to His people.

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