The Power to Create Attraction

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Let me share a really powerful secret with the single ladies that could well change your life:

You, as a woman, have TONS and TONS of power  to create attraction with a man – without any effort from the guy whatsoever.

I hear what some of you are thinking…  “WHAT???   No!  Surely you jest!”

I do not jest. 🙂  And how I wish women understood what I am about to share with you lucky ladies!


Women have some incredibly powerful  God-given gifts.

  • Of course, most women are aware that their physical appearance can attract men.

But if you are looking for godly men – then my suggestion is that you dress femininely AND modestly.  That way, you are on the radar screen because you are dressed like a girl, but you are showing respect for yourself, for God, for men and for your sexuality with your modesty.

Not all women are considered to be “equally beautiful” by our society.  But we can play up our best features and look our best without becoming obsessed about our looks.  (Vanity  can easily become an idol, after all!  So I don’t want us to focus all our attention on our appearance!)  But this is not the secret I want to share.

  • What most women do not know is the power of their RESPECT, FAITH and ADMIRATION to create romantic tension and attraction

You can see this in many arenas of life.  One is in the work place.  The admiring secretary often ends up having an affair with her boss – even though he may be a lot older than she is and not necessarily very handsome.  Why is that?  Or a wife whose marriage has gone to the brink of divorce suddenly begins to do things God’s way and CONSCIOUSLY works at stopping her disrespect and applying respect in her marriage.  MANY, MANY times, the sexual heat gets turned up like crazy in the marriage again.  (For 8 real life stories of this happening – check out my post on here.)

1.  A woman’s respect, admiration, trust and faith in a man creates attraction in her towards him.  Whether she respects and admires him unconsciously, or whether she purposely concentrates on the good things in him – as she builds genuine respect for a man in her heart, she can easily develop attraction to him romantically, as well.  So even if she didn’t think a guy was “her type” to start with – as she gets to know him and finds out things she admires about him, some serious attraction can develop over time.

2.  Not only does her respect begin to create feelings of sexual chemistry and attraction in herself – the man she respects and admires will begin to feel attracted to this woman because of her admiration, faith and respect, too.  Do you have any idea how powerful this is!?!?!   Now, obviously, your respect will not always work on all men.  But your respect and admiration are very powerful forces.  God has equipped us with MAJOR GIFTS and abilities here to create romance even in situations where maybe we didn’t  “feel attracted” at first.  When a man sees that intoxicating look of adoration, trust, faith and amazement in a woman’s eyes – it gives him a high like nothing else on earth.  He feels more powerful than ever.  He begins to see himself through this woman’s eyes of belief in him – and he believes her.  She thinks he’s a hero?  He is going to prove to her that he is a hero because he does NOT want this incredible high to end – EVER.

Any woman can learn to have this kind of influence in relationships.  But – as Christian women, we must ONLY use this incredible power for godly purposes!


It is entirely possible to go around manipulating men by showing respect and admiration for them to get them to fall for you.  NOT GOOD.  Please, please, do NOT do this!  And do NOT apply your respect powers to married or unavailable men.   You can cause widespread chaos and destruction if you just go around using your feminine powers full strength without being responsible about it.

You ought to show respect to all people – but normally, you will have to keep the respect knob turned down to “low.”  Only turn it up when there is a godly man who is available and in a situation where it would be appropriate to attract him.  Please don’t just try to attract men and then crush them with rejection!  Save your really intense respect capabilities for a guy you are very interested in who loves Christ.  Then you can turn on the respect and see where things go.  But please do things God’s way!

  • Let the man lead – usually that will mean, let him ask you out, let him decide when to “officially” start being a couple and let him decide when to kiss, when to propose, etc. (You may slow him down, of course, but don’t rush or push him!)
  • Let’s keep sex in marriage.  Let’s value our chastity and virginity.  Let’s show respect for God’s Word and commands to us that He has given us to protect us and to give us the greatest possible abundant life.

Now that you know these things – please use them wisely and carefully, ladies.

Let me know if you have any questions!


What speaks respect to guys?

What seems disrespectful to guys?