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Modest Exaggeration

A rose is a roseI like watching movies. 

Duh. Who doesn’t? They’re relaxing, fun, and a good excuse to snuggle. I have Netflix instant on my computer, giving me anytime-access to thousands of titles. Yet, lately I find myself shutting off more and more movies, many within the first fifteen minutes. Why? Well, I’ll give you an example. Last night I arrived home late and put on a movie for background noise as I did some “housework” before bed (in a dorm room, that means picking stuff up off the floor). My quick choice was “A Little Bit of Heaven,” a 2011 rom-com starring Kate Hudson. The first thirty minutes showed that it was absolutely nothing new. The female lead was who we’re all supposed to want to be: beautiful, successful, and very in control of her sexual conquests. Right away, she sleeps with a man she knows, apparently her usual booty call. Immediately…

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