Why Long Hair?

Posted on April 17, 2013 by



I wore my hair long all through high school, college and until I had children. My husband always LOVED my hair long. Then 7-10 years ago, I cut my hair much shorter

I knew my husband LOVED my hair long. But, back then, sadly, I didn’t give much weight to his feelings and opinions. It was MY hair, after all. I was the one who had to wear it, wash it and fix it. So I cut it off -VERY short at one point with complete disregard for my husband’s feelings. (And then I cried a lot – because I realized I lost something precious.)


I don’t think that short hair on women is a sin – I find no validation for that idea in scripture. This is a decision every woman must make on her own – between herself and God, and between herself and her husband when she is married. I am certainly not insisting that all women must have long hair – or that women should never ever cut their hair. I don’t judge any one else’s decisions about their hair or clothing.

This post is about why I chose to grow my hair long again and why I keep it long – my own personal convictions.

I see that God gave me long hair for my glory – to be beautiful.

I Cor. 11:15. But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.


So, I honor my husband’s desire to see me with long hair. I care deeply about his feelings and opinions now and love to wear my hair down as a gift to him most days. And I honor God’s Word and honor my head by choosing to have long hair as my glory.

Now – God’s Word and my husband’s opinions play a MUCH bigger role in how I make decisions – instead of just my own convenience, the latest fashion trends  or my own desires.

I have to ask myself when I decide about things – WHY am I doing it? Is it for MY glory? Is it for MY pride or vanity? Is it for God’s glory? Will it honor my husband?  Will my husband be pleased?

Honestly – short hair was a LOT more work for me! I had to mess with it and style it every day. Long hair truly hasn’t been a burden. I can let it air dry many days – and I don’t have to use hair spray – so it can go 2-3 days or so without washing. It actually takes me LESS time to fix my hair now than it did when I had short hair.


My husband loves to play with my hair every night while we cuddle together. It’s my favorite time of the day. I feel loved, cherished, adored, feminine and beautiful.