Christian Wives Talk about What They Love about Marriage – Part 1

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I asked the wives at to share what they love about Christian marriage.  I pray this might be a blessing to you!
What I love about being married:
There is always someone to come home to. Yes, there is someone else to clean up after and give attention to—it’s not all about ME and how I want to relax and keep things organized all the time—but it’s nice to hear that “Hi!” when I come through the door.
My husband pushes and pulls me—in a good way! When I was single I was pretty good at convincing myself I was a real catch; no one was there in the private moments to call me out on my less-impressive qualities like impatience, jealousy, gossiping, holding grudges, and refusing to budge on negotiable issues. Enter: my husband. He’s kind and patient with me, but he doesn’t stay silent about a lot of the junk I used to excuse myself for.
-Maybe you don’t want to say this to Christian single girls but…sex! I had to say it. It seems like an elephant in the room when Christian marrieds talk to Christian singles, but maybe that was just my experience.
-I love what you said on your blog once about marriage showing how Christ loves the church—that in the capriciousness of the female and the steadfastness of the male, we see the human parallel of the spiritual reality that Christ loves us unflinchingly despite our failures. I definitely see that in my marriage. He may not be gushing every day about how much he looooves me, but he does love me the same on my good days and my bad days. That is immensely reassuring.
Being married is having a loyal best friend and lover until death. It’s also waking up every day to an intriguing challenge to out-love each other. It is fun if we let it be.
My husband so often hears young single men refer to “never getting married” because they don’t want to be told what to do. But I ask, when they are old and their parents are gone and they are unable to care for themselves, who will be there? Who will help them and love them and be a presence by their side to keep them company?  (From Peacefulwife – let’s be sure that we are not bossing our men around!)
I married at 19 and will be married 12 years in May. We’ve had some dark times that only strength from heaven got us through. But still today, there’s no one else I want to be with, spend the day with, spend a Friday night with than my guy, my husband.
Marriage is agreeing to let your love grow and mature daily for your spouse in fun times and in dark, trying times. Marriage is loyalty to the one your heart yearns for. Marriage is having someone to make and share memories with forever. And often, it can be a strong tower and a safe haven when everything and everyone around you is in utter chaos.

I love knowing there’s someone special in the world who cares about me and loves me. It makes me feel stronger even when we’re not together.

I love knowing marriage is something God created – something that is good. In marriage we can serve God by serving our spouse and all the while we’re both learning to be more Christ-like.

I savour the little moments no one else sees, when my husband says a word in a certain way and I meet his eyes and we share a memory and there’s just this connection between two human beings you can’t find outside of marriage.

I love being able to trust my husband to take care of me and make the right decisions for us. And even if he fails sometimes, that’s fine because God provides even then.

I love how he knows when to push me (when I’m too scared to do something or when I’m just being emotional and should get over it) but also knows when I just need to cry and have him hold me for a while.

So many other things, big and little, too… And that’s just after 8 months of marriage!


Marriage is like an adventure…there’s some fun exciting stuff with a lot of plodding between times. It is absolutely worth it.

Sure, there’s hard things but being alive is hard.

Being single is hard. “Hard” is not actually a problem, it should be expected and welcomed as having value.

I think marriage has been easier in many ways than being single, and I got married at 30. It has been easier because we are both committed to Jesus and to the covenant of marriage. It has been very difficult at times, there have been many trials, but there will be trials no matter what happens because that is the way life is. Being married for soon 30 years, I can assure you that it is absolutely worth any hardship.

I think it was Louis L’Amour, in one of his books, that said something like “when two walk beside each other there is no road too long or too dark”. And that is true.


I’m thankful for someone who will eat my cooking and say its good. Men like that are hard to find, and even harder to hang on to, especially when you are secretly feeding the dog under the table to get your plate clean. Those are the gentlemen who hold the door for you, go to the closet on cold nights for a heavier blanket to cover you better, keep your car serviced, and pray with you when you hurt. They don’t have to say they love you for you to know it already, but they say it anyway. I know, because I’ve been married to that kind of man for nearly 37 years.

Being married is waking up with my best friend who chose me. Every day we are faced with rejections and hardships of this world and everyday one who chose me walks through our doors and wraps me in a warm, strong embrace.

He keeps me balanced and grounded and gives me the most amazing advice and direction.

In marriage, I have learned a greater understanding of God and obedience.

Marriage has taught me Godly character and integrity, teamwork and sacrifice.

Marriage takes work but the rewards are incredible.

There is a physical and emotional closeness that can only exist in the commitment of marriage. Everything that looks like marriage but isn’t is a cheapened imitation of marriage.


The best thing about marriage is the feeling of working through our problems and coming out on the other side. Marriage is a hard commitment to make, those words of ‘for better or worse’ are actually true…marriage is designed for the spouse to see the other person through their worst, even if it’s their fault. The feeling is so rewarding, it’s the closest thing to God’s love we will ever experience from another person here on this earth. There is a place in all of us that desires to be loved no matter what and that is something that is hard to find these days. So many people give up when things get hard but marriage is the greatest gift we have because the reward of working through those problems is everlasting and completely fulfilling

MY THOUGHTS (Peacefulwife)

I, for one, LOVE being married to my Christian man and am so thankful for the way that God uses marriage to make me more like Christ. I would hardly know I was a “real sinner” if I wasn’t married! Marriage does expose our character and refines our love for God and for our spouse.  It stretches our faith – and that is a GREAT thing!

I love learning about the differences between masculinity and femininity and how they display the powerful mystery of Christ and the church in every day life. I love learning about team work and oneness.

I love the intimacy on EVERY level. I like having every kind of intimacy every day, myself, whenever possible! Sometimes I just am so amazed that I get to live with my husband and we get to share a bed and all of the blessings of  physical/emotional/spiritual intimacy together.  Married sex is AMAZING!!!!  God’s design is GOOD.  No guilt.  No regret.  Just this incredible holy, sacred, beautiful act that opens our eyes to catch a glimpse of the spiritual oneness we have in Christ as believers.

I love watching my husband grow as a leader and as a man of God. That is one of the greatest blessings of my life!

Learning to be a godly wife has been my favorite adventure.  Realizing that I can do things that empower my husband’s leadership and spiritual growth and that I can meet his deepest masculine needs for respect and that the way I honor his leadership encourages him to be a more godly man – WOW!!!!!!!!!  What an awesome privilege and what incredible power God has given to us as wives and women if we can discover godly femininity!

Seeing him hold our babies for the first time, with tears in his eyes, is one of my favorite memories that we have shared together.
I love watching him love our children and play with them and teach and instruct them.
I love dreaming together.
I love cuddling together every night and talking about our day and all the things on our minds.
I love exploring new places together and having adventures.
I love being with my very best friend every day.

I love watching my husband become a pro at remodeling the house and enjoy the transformation of an old house into a dream house – all that work he does to show me he loves me more than anyone else.  What an honor to be this man’s wife!

I love his protective covering over me and the way he provides for me and our children.
He takes such great care of me when I am sick.  He gets me anything I need from the store and has unending patience.
He shows me what real patience and forgiveness and mercy and grace look like.  My husband is an incredible real life example to me of the love, grace, mercy and forgiveness of Christ.  His ability to love me so selflessly and with such grace humbles and inspires me to want to do the same for him.
I am fascinated to learn more and more about who he is as a man and how his masculine mind and soul work.
I love seeing how we complement each other.
I am SO BEYOND thankful for God’s beautiful design for marriage – wish I had understood it a lot better at the beginning. But I am thankful for every day we have had to work and hash this out together.
I’m thankful for the chance to learn to forgive.
I’m thankful for the chance to get to experience a deeper love – that mirrors God’s love for us.
I LOVE being a mom and seeing the perspective of a parent and working with my husband to raise our children to know and love God – that helps me understand God’s love even more.


I pray for each single believer who reads this post.  I pray for Your will about their future and about marriage for them.  I pray that You might prepare them to be a godly spouse if that is Your plan and  that You might equip them to greatly bless Your body of believers and build up the bride of Christ, preparing for the wedding supper of the Lamb.