Body Language and Attraction

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Attraction is important – even in a Christian romantic relationship.  Being able to tell if someone is interested in you seems to be the source of angst for a lot of the ladies.  Here is an interesting article I found!

It is about body language – “how to know when a guy likes you.”

I think this is a pretty decent article – a good place to start. 🙂  I have not read any other posts on this site-  so please don’t hold me liable for anything else that is said there!

Some things I think you might notice if a guy is into you:

– He will smile at you A LOT!

– He may run his hand through his hair, brush his hands over his shirt/jacket/pants to make sure he looks his best

– He will make a lot of eye contact.

– You may notice his pupils are bigger than normal because he is intently focused on you and attracted to you (dilated pupils can also be a sign of drug use – so, don’t take this as the only sign! 🙂 If his speech is slurred, too, it is time to walk away!)

– Most of the time, guys will face their body towards you if they are interested.

– His feet may point towards you, or if he is leaning against a wall, he may cross his feet – showing he has no intention of leaving any time soon.

– He may give you compliments.

– His face will probably light up when he sees you.

– He seems oblivious to anything else that is going on.

– He gets a bit upset if another guy cuts in on him to talk to you.

– Hopefully, he will ask to see  you again or ask for your number or email!  That is a very good sign!

– He may offer to buy you coffee or dinner.  If you are interested in him, smile and graciously accept his offer.

– He may try to visit you often.

– He may tease you.  Some guys will do that to show their interest and to try to get a reaction out of you.

– He may stand or sit closer to you than normal.

– He may greet you with a big hug.

– He may be super friendly.

– He will probably be very interested in finding out more about you.


– always too busy to talk

– doesn’t initiate calls/texts

– doesn’t make much eye contact

– looks uncomfortable and awkward and like he wants to leave when you are talking with him.

– says he is not interested romantically

– says he just wants to be friends

– looks at his watch a lot or pays more attention to other people or things going on around him than he does to you

– is polite but not very friendly or enthusiastic

– doesn’t respond much to emails/texts – without a real reason why


– Many non-Christian men will be glad to act interested in Christ when you try to witness to them – just to try to “conquer” you.  Please don’t fall for that!  If a guy is serious about wanting to accept Christ – that is awesome.  But give him some time to become a bit more mature in his faith and to be sure that he is for real.  I would be concerned about meeting a guy, he says he will become a Christian because you said you won’t date non-Christians – but there is no real change.

– there are some very charming, worldly guys – who KNOW EXACTLY what to say to women to get them to fall in love or in infatuation with them.  If a guy is extremely confident and slick and charming and magnetic, be careful!  If he pushes you to quickly get into a serious relationship or sexual relationship or marriage – this is the kind of guy who may become extremely controlling and tyrannical.  If he begins insisting that you dress a certain way or wear your hair a certain way, or he gets really upset if you don’t do what he said to do, or he begins to isolate you from your family and friends and tries to control your behavior and other relationships – RUN!

How about you?  What tells you that a guy is attracted to you?

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