The Billings Ovulation Method

Posted on September 3, 2013 by

I am so glad that one of my readers mentioned this method as a natural and reliable method of birth control for women who do not want to use hormonal contraceptives or for women who are opposed to using any type of contraceptive.

I had actually heard of a similar method years ago – and hadn’t thought of it in years.

The idea of the Billings Ovulation Method is:

– Cervical mucus changes are a very reliable indicator of fertility.

– A woman learns to recognize the changes in mucus (when the cervical mucus thins out, there is a period of days where the woman is fertile).

– There are several pretty simple rules in this method about when to have sex if you desire to achieve pregnancy and when to avoid sex if you desire to avoid pregnancy.

– There is nothing to buy.

– There are no chemicals.

– It is a lot less complicated and more accurate than measuring basal temperature every day.  There are four basic rules.

– The “success rates” for couples who use this method to avoid pregnancy are extremely high.  Higher than with birth control pills!

Here is a link.  I would definitely encourage you to check out this website and look around.  Whether you will need this information in the future to prevent pregnancy or to achieve pregnancy, it is extremely useful information.

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