“Giving Up on My Dream for My Marriage”

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This is a wife who made romance, control and feeling loved in very specific ways her idols. She is going through the painful process of ripping out all of her idols and submitting completely to Christ.  Your idols may be different.  Maybe you feel like you HAVE to have a boyfriend, or get married, be a certain size, be beautiful, have lots of money, be famous,  or have children.  If there is something you believe you MUST have to be happy in this life – and it is not Jesus Christ – it is time to check your heart to see if that thing may be an idol.  An idol is often the opposite of something we greatly fear.

Only Jesus Christ can fill our deepest longings and meet our needs and bring us true contentment!

The Peaceful Wife

This is from the same wife who wrote to me about not pursuing her husband anymore last week. This is what it looks like to painfully tear out our idols by the root and totally surrender to Christ as LORD of ALL.   Here the idols are control, feeling loved in a certain way and romance.  Thankfully, God will not allow us to find contentment in anything but Christ.  Our idols will always disappoint us! This is what it means to die to self and give Jesus full control of our lives.   THIS is the beginning of living in the power of God.  We must come to the place where we can sincerely say about EVERYTHING in our lives, “Not my will, but Your will be done.”   Each wife’s story and journey will look different. For a follow up on how this wife is doing in September, 2014, 

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