On “Not Feeling Loved” – by RG

Posted on October 11, 2013 by


From a Christian Single Man – RG…

One thing I learned a while ago:

It’s OKAY to feel sad, lonely, and even unloved by others, because those are JUST FEELINGS. They are not truth, and don’t reflect the full love of God.

Everything in life comes down to Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of those is Love.


So, the bottom line is this:

“Do I believe that God is who (and what) He says he is?

That’s it!

I’ve come to believe this important thing:

“It doesn’t matter what I do, say, think, feel, or believe, because GOD IS GOOD.”

Should I obey his commands? Yes (though I have failed many times.)
Yet my actions/inactions/lack of faith will never change who God is.

My circumstances and feelings don’t change who God is, because he never changes, and “HE IS ALWAYS GOOD.”

We each must decide if we want to believe what God says. Either we do or don’t, but

if we don’t believe, our lack of faith doesn’t mean he is somehow unfaithful.

When we FEEL like we “aren’t loved enough,” we can remain calm, and CHOOSE to praise and thank God quietly because HE SAID HE LOVES US AND HE IS NOT A LIAR. Even when we FEEL unloved, we KNOW that HE IS WHO HE SAID HE IS, AND HE IS NOT A LIAR.


The more we choose to submit and conform our feelings and emotions to HIM and his word, the more we strengthen our faith in HIM and his word, because we are choosing to trust HIM and build a better relationship (and real intimacy) with HIM instead of just trusting our feelings and circumstances.

  • This world will lie to us.
  • Our feelings and emotions will lie to us.
  • We will not always feel loved as much as we want to in this life.

And that is okay, because GOD IS GOOD

Reducing Jesus Christ to an irresistible, relentless lover who exists solely to woo us has got to be one of Satan’s greatest cons.

  • Jesus did not come to woo us.
  • Jesus came to save us FOR HIMSELF.

We insult God when we make his love and sacrifice a reflection of our own perceived “worth.”

  • The truth is that we deserve death and Hell, but He PURCHASED US FOR HIMSELF WITH HIS OWN BLOOD.
  • We have no worth on our own. All of our value was GIVEN TO US BY GOD and FOR GOD.

Women have no more value than men, and men have no more value than women, so the idea that either of us deserve to receive endless affection and adoration is insulting to God, because He’s the one who truly deserves it.

The next time we think we deserve (or SHOULD have) more love or respect, we SHOULD stop and thank God for what He has already done.

If we don’t FEEL “loved enough,” then imagine how Jesus feels, having already died for our sins, come back to life, gone to the Father, and is still being rejected by us.