God’s Presents to Us

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Much love to each of you!

The Peaceful Wife


This was our Sunday School lesson this past Sunday.  It was so beautiful, I had to share!

Read John 13 and 14 and find the promises that Jesus makes to us (in green) and the commands He gives us (in purple).

God’s commands and promises are all GIFTS to us – for our blessing and our benefit.  WE benefit when we obey God.  So do many other people.

Of course, Jesus is the ultimate “gift” of God to us – but how amazing to pick out the golden nuggets (and boulders) in these two chapters.  Of course, we could do this with any passage of scripture – making note of God’s promises and His commands and really digging into them and savoring them and then building our lives around them.

Our teacher handed out slips and assigned a verse to each couple.  I had to cry tears of joy when…

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