What Is My New Year’s Resolution?

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I have been enjoying my email vacation and using this time to take stock of things, talk with Greg, pray and evaluate the direction of my life, my walk with Christ, my marriage, my mothering, my ministry to women… and I have been enjoying Greg and our children!


  • in 2012, Peacefulsinglegirl had about 77,000 hits.
  • in 2013, Peacefulsinglegirl had about 454,000 hits.  It averages about 1800 hits per day now.
  • In 2012, Peacefulwife had about 200,000 hits.  I started blogging on January 17th 2012 and started out getting about 20 hits/day and by the end of that year, it was about 600 hits/day.
  • In 2013, Peacefulwife had well over 1 million hits.  It averages 4000 hits per day now.  It is kind of mind blowing to me and TOTALLY a God thing, NOT an April thing.

I have easily been spending 5-8 hours/day on blogging and emailing the past few months as the volume continues to increase with emails and the blogs.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE blogging and ministering!  It is my calling and my passion.  I never get tired of it.  I long to bless my sisters in Christ.

Greg is very supportive of my ministry and it brings me such joy to share what God has shown me.  I LOVE seeing what God is doing in others’ lives and watching Him do miracles.  This has been the most amazing adventure of my life.

I want to be the best possible steward for God with my time, resources and efforts.  I know I am nowhere near perfect.  The only good in me is from God.  I want to be sensitive to my husband and to my Lord and be obedient to what Christ would have me do.  I hold this blog and everything in my life, except for Christ, loosely in my hands – seeking His will far above my own.  I want only to be fully available to Him, completely obedient to Him and I want to bring the greatest possible glory to Him!

My resolution this year is to find a better BALANCE for my ministry and family and to seek to honor God in every area of my life.

For those of you who have been following me very long – you know  that moderation and balance are some of my greatest challenges!  I am great at 110% on or completely off.  Balance and moderation – UGH!  I don’t do these things well at all sometimes!

Greg would like me to spend about 2 hours/day on blogging and emails.  I want to honor him in this.  So, I am going to be implementing a few changes.  Please pray for Greg and for me to have wisdom about how best to minister and best use the resources, time and opportunities that God has given to us. :)


  • I am going to be using some more posts from the archives at times.
  • I plan to scale back a bit and not do posts every single day at times.
  • I would like to continue to use some guest posts.  If you have a story that you believe God would like you to share about what He is doing in your life, please send it to me!  I may be able to use it. :)  Leave it in a comment and let me know I may use it in a post.
  • I would like to encourage people to comment on posts or on my Peacefulsinglegirl Facebook page rather than in emails if possible.  And I am asking that we all treat each other with respect.  I want this to be a safe place for women and for men to share.
  • Emails – this is the most time consuming thing for me now. I LOVE emailing with people.  It is such a joy for me!  But I have been spending 3-4+ hours many days on emails.  Often, I get 100-150 emails/day.  So, this is an area where I am going to need to make some changes.  Thank you for your patience as I prayerfully consider how best to approach this issue.
  • Prayer team – I would like to add more ladies to my prayer team.  I need prayer!  My marriage needs prayer.  This ministry needs prayer.  My readers need prayer.  This HAS to all be about God, not about me.  If you are interested in receiving emails from me about once a week with prayer needs, please let me know in the comments.
  • Prayer day – I would like to have a day for us to pray together maybe each week.


Do you have some spiritual New Year’s Resolutions you would like to share?  I’d love to hear about them!

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