To My Brothers in Christ

Posted on February 8, 2014 by


I have so enjoyed getting to know so many of you. Your comments have been extremely thought-provoking and you have helped me to better understand your perspectives as men in this crazy Christian single’s scene that is so out of control today.

I thank you for sharing your hearts and helping me and our sisters in Christ to appreciate your ideas, feelings, concerns and wisdom.

Right now, I am going to be changing things up a bit on PSG. I want to be sure that my primary focus is the women – my sisters in Christ and those women who are seeking Him. So, I am going to be having mostly “ladies only” posts from this point forward. I may ask for the men to share their opinions at times. I do value and treasure what you have to say. But I want the women to feel safe and free to share their hearts here, since this ministry is for them.

If you would like to share a comment, concern or suggestion, I will certainly read anything you write and prayerfully consider whether it is something I should share in a post.

I pray for y’all often and desire to see God’s greatest glory and His will accomplished in your lives.

Thank you so much for your prayers, brotherly love, encouragement and support.

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