Kristin’s Story – Being a Peaceful Separated Wife

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The real story here is about our God – how ABLE He is, how faithful He is, how true He is. We can trust Him fully. Even when we walk through the darkest storms, He is right here with us. If God is able to give my friend, Kristin, His peace as she went through this painful trial, He is able to give you His peace in the midst of your storm, too, my sisters!

The Peaceful Wife

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This post was written by Kristen  last year as she went through one of the most difficult trials a wife can experience. Her husband decided to separate from her. She completely entrusted herself to Christ. She died to self. She trusted the sovereignty of God. I walked with her and saw her experience supernatural peace even in the midst of great pain and uncertainty.  What God did in her heart was and is incredibly beautiful. Kristin wrote this post I think about a year ago as she was in the middle of the fiery trial. Not every story has the “fairy tale” ending in this life that we want to happen. And yet, God is able to make something so breath-taking from our lives when we fully trust Him, even when we must face our deepest fears.

I know that many of you are currently separated from your husbands, or…

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