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The dangerous progression of idolatry …

Peaceful Single Girl

We talked about what idolatry is in the last post.  Now, lets cover some of the ways that idolatry plays out.  I believe a lot of this begins in middle school, maybe even earlier.  It is a progressive series of idols that girls tend to glorify, worship, obsess over and would do ANYTHING to have – give up time, money, self, identity, virginity, future, family relationships, other friendships, health, and almost anything else for the promise and allure of romance, love and feeling safe and cherished with a guy.  Romance and having a committed relationship and marriage are WONDERFUL things.  But we have to be so careful not to let these goals overtake God’s place in our heart.

Ultimately, we can only find true contentment in God’s Ultimate Love for us.

We sometimes think,

  • “If only I had a boyfriend!  I would be happy!  I would always feel loved and safe. …

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