Facing Our Deepest Fears

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Part 2 of a 3 part series on Fear. Yesterday we looked at Examining Our Fears. Today we will Face our Fears and tomorrow we will look at Finding Victory over Our Fears in Christ.

Fear is such a foundational issue to why we feel WE must try to control others. Until we face our deepest fears and really look them square in the face – we cannot find victory over our compulsion to control.

The Peaceful Wife


After watching my video about What Causes a Woman to be Controlling, A Fellow Wife shared with me:

I cannot speak for other wives but

For me, fear is THE driving factor to control and I realize that.

-I have tried to be controlling with how my husband loves me because I fear that he really doesn’t love me that deeply. If I can manipulate him into showing me he loves me the way I wish he does, it validates what I want.

-I fear in my deepest heart of hearts that I am not an important priority to my husband. I want to be his number relationship priority, coming only after God. This has caused me so many emotional wounds over the years. I have tried to manipulate and push him into putting me first because it is so important to me. I FEAR that he will make choices…

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