Experiencing God’s Victory Over Fear

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This is my prayer for each of you – to find victory and the power of Christ to overcome fear in your life!

Thank you for your patience with me as I have had some medical struggles lately and have not been able to be on the computer as much. I thank God that His power is made perfect in my weakness. 🙂

The Peaceful Wife

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In this series, first we looked at our fears and how our fears fuel our compulsion or “need” to control others, then we looked at facing our deepest fears. Today we will talk about the path to finding victory over our fears in Christ.

Rev. Harold Weaver, a minister I deeply respect at our church,  mentioned in a Bible class one time that when churches teach Armenianism, which Baptists and many Protestant denominations do – we focus much on the “free will of man” and we don’t balance that out properly with “the sovereignty of God.” Rev. Weaver explained that when we focus more on human free will and we don’t focus on God’s sovereignty, we lose our healthy fear of God and we develop an “independent spirit” – believing we have much more power and control than we really do.

This topic could seriously be a whole…

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