Godlywifetobe – Step 2 – Facing Her Fears

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This is the process of tearing out idols and facing our fears we all must go through no matter what stage of life we are in when we decide to yield to Christ and repent of our sin. I believe it will bless you! Let me know if you have any questions or things you want to discuss!

The Peaceful Wife


This is some more of my correspondence with Godlywifetobe. I have also taken on another wife to mentor whose story I hope to share in the coming week. GraceAlone is doing well. There are definitely some days that are very hard, but there are also new blessings.  She is 3 months into her journey – which is still quite early. I hope to share another update from her in a week or two. She is making some definite strides in her understanding of God and her trust in Him and she is learning to refine her motives and to continue to seek to bless her husband regardless of his response. She has had a LOT of tests in the past few months that have really forced her to depend on God and to face some of her deepest fears. I love being on this journey with these wives and with all…

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