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If you haven’t read the notes from the class Greg and I took at our church 2 years ago on spiritual authority, you have GOT to read them! This is the foundation for the structure of authority in marriage. This is what we build marriage upon based on God’s Word. You can read the entire class notes (there is a link) that also includes information about the authorities over us in government, in the church and at work, as well – and how God uses them to provide for, lead, direct, bless and protect his people.
Authority is an incredibly important topic in scripture. God calls us to have respect for those in authority over us and to have respect for the authority of His Word and for God, Himself.

Let me know if there are things you want to talk about! You may comment here or on the post at http://www.peacefulwife.com. May God richly bless your walk with Christ!

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These are part of my class notes from a class at our church on The Pre-eminance of the Doctrine of Spiritual Authority, that Rev. H. Weaver  has allowed me to share. Please click here for the notes in their entirety. He addresses husbands and wives here. This is a fantastic foundation for us all to understand how God designed marriage to work – and other areas of our lives, as well.


God uses authorities in our lives for several reasons. Many times He uses them to give us guidance and direction and to communicate His will and purpose for our lives. Therefore, the various levels of authority are placed in our lives for our good, not for our oppression even though some actions taken by those authorities can be corrective at certain times.

However, how can we tell if a human authority is speaking for…

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