The Snare of Comparing

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What a mess we get ourselves into when we begin to attempt to compare our lives to someone else’s life. I think this is a struggle for EVERYONE. For singles, the temptation is to look at those who are married and to be jealous of what the married women have, thinking that, “If only I had what SHE has, I would be fulfilled and content and happy in life. Everything would be perfect!”

Problem is – that is a lie.

Comparing ourselves to others always gets us in so much trouble. I invite you to check out this post and see why jealousy is such a problem and to investigate a new perspective you may not have thought about before!

The Peaceful Wife



Sometimes it’s hard to find a free stock picture that truly exemplifies the emotion you want to convey. I did find some great pics of jealousy, but they were all $5 each. Nope. Not going to spend money for a pic for a post.

So, this is me, “being upset because I am comparing my marriage to someone else’s.”

Work with me, here.

I’m a pharmacist, not an actress.


I am so thankful one of our sisters brought up this issue and asked me to write about it!!! I think this is always a temptation, no matter how well or how poorly our marriage seems to be going. But, it is probably the biggest temptation to compare our situation to that of others when we are feeling unloved and unfulfilled in our own marriages. There may be times when some wives may not want to read “success stories” even here…

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