Thankfulhusband’s Take on What Wives Can Do When Their Husbands May Be Sinning

Posted on May 25, 2014 by

I would love for women who profess Christ to think about these issues WAY before marriage. Probably even before courtship/dating. As you seek God’s will and His heart for you in any relationship with a man, please be sure to seek a God-fearing man, a man who desires to live in total submission to Christ, a man who takes his spiritual authority as a husband seriously. If you marry a man who is far from God, your life will be infinitely more painful. Please seek to be a godly woman and to live in obedience to God by the power of His Spirit and seek a man who does the same. That is God’s best for you both. Then you can work together in obedience to God to create a marriage that brings true honor and praise to God and draws people to Christ. But even if you have a godly husband, he will sin against you. It would be wise to research how a godly wife can respond and approach her husband about these kinds of issues. If your man has certain sin struggles before marriage, he will have those same struggles, most likely, after marriage, as well. You cannot change him. Be sure that you are prepared to extend grace, forgiveness, mercy and to continue to respect and honor your man if you choose to marry him.

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