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If you’d like to read about my crazy life recently, and some changes that are coming to my blogs, I invite you to check out this post. 🙂

The Peaceful Wife


Whew! What a wild ride life has been recently.

Just want to let you know a few things about my life lately:

  • I’ve been able to work extra the past few weeks. So, instead of my usual 3-12 hours/week in the pharmacy, I have been working 21 hours/week the past 3 weeks or so. That has cut in to my blogging time quite a lot. I have definitely been having a much harder time keeping up as my working hours have increased recently. It is a blessing to our budget that I have had extra hours. Greg is so appreciative that I have been able to work a bit more. I will now be working 12 hours every week minimum and picking up extra days as they come, as well. There are usually more vacation shifts to cover in the summer.
  • Last Saturday, one of my grandmothers (both are still…

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