Why Speaking Negatively about Someone Can Hurt Your Relationship with Your Man

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Why complaining about someone in your guy’s life is probably not a great way to draw him to you…

Peaceful Single Girl

If there is a person in your guy’s life that annoys you, irritates you or concerns you in the way they treat your man or yourself – whether it is his mother, his father, his sister, his child, his friend, his ex, his coworker or a woman who is coming on to him – let me share an interesting little bit of information about human nature with you that I have observed …

If you decide to point out this other person’s faults to your man and try to tell him what to do about it – he will probably naturally feel he has to defend that person to you.

NOT GOOD. This causes division between you and your man.

He may also not appreciate the unsolicited advice – as if he is not capable of handling the situation on his own. Using directives with our men is an approach…

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