A Wife Asks, “How Can a Husband Love His Wife AND Be Visually Attracted to Other Women?”

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If you are confused about what it means for men to be “visual” and why men tend to struggle at times with visual temptation, please check out this post and the comments. They may be very eye-opening for you. 🙂

The Peaceful Wife


This is part of a discussion we had on this post by thejoyfilledwife this week. If you are interested, there are more comments – including some by some husbands that I think may be helpful for women to try to begin to understand a masculine point of view on these difficult issues of a man’s experience with visual temptation, lust and pornography. And there are some amazing comments by some other wives who have hashed through these painful issues in a God-honoring way.


I don’t get the whole “men are visual but they still love you” thing.

  • If they love you – WHY are they looking?
  • If they love you – even if they can’t help but see the girl walk by – WHY do they need to think about it again?

Basically, what you are saying is – we live in a world full of smut, so…

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