“I May Never Have Worldly Beauty”

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We are talking more about body image today. My prayer is for each of us to seek and pursue the beauty that God most cherishes in women. I am praying for you to find healing in Christ from any scars and wounds you may have about your physical appearance and that you might learn to stop comparing yourself to the world’s standard of beauty and find freedom, hope, joy and peace in Christ. 🙂

The Peaceful Wife

April in 1st grade April in 1st grade

April in 7th grade April in 7th grade

From Peacefulwife:

I didn’t feel beautiful or feminine at all when I was growing up. My twin sister was “the girly one.” I was the tomboy. I was my Daddy’s son substitute until our little brother was old enough to take over. I did everything with my Daddy. 

In upper elementary and junior high school, I got made fun of often for my glasses, my pale skin, the red dots on my legs and my very flat chest. When I was a young teenager, I  was convinced that I was not beautiful and that no guy could possibly be attracted to me. People thought I was about 12 years old until after I was 30. In fact, I was accused multiple times of being a young teenage unwed mother when I had our son at age 28! 

When I was about 27, a coworker of…

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