Can We Have God AND Reject His Word?

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This is a post that applies to us all. It is a really foundational and critical message. I invite you to read and to prayerfully consider what God would have you do in your own life regarding His Word!

The Peaceful Wife

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I often receive comments from people who claim to be Christians. They go to church. They may even tithe.  They believe in God. They say they believe in Jesus. But then they say,

“The Bible is not supposed to be taken literally. It doesn’t apply to anyone today. You can’t live by the Bible! You have been brainwashed if you believe that the Bible is true!”

I can guarantee that anyone who hates the Bible or doesn’t believe the Bible will hate every post I write. Because I believe with everything that is in me that the Bible is the Word of God, the only source of absolute truth. I am completely heartbroken that we have people that call themselves by the Name of Christ and places that label themselves by His Name who teach that the Bible is meaningless and irrelevant to people today. The Word of God is…

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