A Fellow Wife Reflects on Her Two Year Journey

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Much of what this friend of mine has learned in the past 2 years applies whether a woman is single or married. It is the attitude of the heart, the learning to trust God and stop trying to control things ourselves that we all must learn as we seek to become the women God desires us to be. I believe this will bless you. 🙂

The Peaceful Wife

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I first “met” a Fellow Wife  in October, 2012. I can’t begin to count all the discussions we shared together.   This has been a difficult, painful and challenging journey at times – as it is for all of us who seek to know, obey and please Jesus. We must die to self, go against the wisdom of our culture, deny our sinful nature, let go of the things we cherish most and seek to trust God rather than self. Now, as I see where she is today spiritually compared to where she was two years ago, I have to thank and praise God for His goodness and power! I believe that the more wives’ stories we can here, the better. I know her story will bless you:

It was 2 years ago next month that I first began pursuing becoming a more godly wife. It was 1 year ago…

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