The Importance of Spiritual Pruning

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Why does God allow difficulties and hardships into our lives as believers? Why do we have to suffer pain sometimes? I invite you to check out this post for a discussion on this important topic!

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an unpruned, pitiful apple tree in our neighborhood an unpruned, pitiful apple tree in our neighborhood

About half of this tree’s branches have completely broken in the past few years. You can see some hanging down that are broken and some big branches on the ground, and you can see how messed up the shape of the tree is toward the top half because of all the broken limbs.

Some interesting tidbits about How to Prune an Apple Tree – at

As you read these pruning tips, please be thinking about how God desires to prune us spiritually and why He does this…

1. Goals and Timing

There are normally two goals when pruning an apple tree:
Initially on young trees to encourage a strong, solid framework

On mature trees to maintain shape and encourage fruit production
The best time to prune apple trees is in late winter or very early spring before any new growth starts.

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