A Bride-to-Be Begins Her Journey to Become a Godly Wife

Posted on September 16, 2014 by

The Peaceful Wife


I am so excited to share this precious sister’s story! I cannot begin to imagine if I had a chance to start to learn these things BEFORE marriage. What a blessing!!!!  I cannot wait to see all that God has in store for this young bride-to-be and for each of you, my precious sisters. 🙂

Thank you April for the opportunity to share what I am learning! Your blog has been such a blessing to me! It is honest, practical and refreshing and gave me the insight I needed to develop my spiritual self in preparation for marriage. I am grateful!

So a little about me.

I am really good at doing stuff. I am the first child. I am the child that came after miscarriages so I have also subconsciously felt the need to double my efforts. I like knowing stuff, arguing about stuff, learning new stuff. I am a lawyer…

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