Wives Share What They Have Learned – Part 2

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This post may be particularly helpful for ladies who are dating, or even who are just wanting to develop deeper friendships with godly men. You’ll also want to check out part one of this series, as well as hear from the husbands about this important issue of what women can do when they want their man to spend more time with them. This seems to be the number one issue married women want to try to work on. And, I have a feeling, that it may be a big issue in friendship/dating/courtship/engagement relationships, as well.

The Peaceful Wife


Continuing to share what wives have been learning from our discussion about “I Just Want Him to Spend More Time with Me.” For part one, please click here.

Thanks again to all the wives who shared. The more voices on this topic and the more constructive, respectful ideas, solutions and suggestions, the better, in my book. 🙂


Consider this: spending quality time together is your unfilled need. He is likely a guy who falls more on the independent end of the spectrum, and he can get his needs met quite easily just by sitting at the dinner table with you, patiently listening to you tell him all about your day. “Nothing has changed” because he doesn’t have the hunger. His need is met. What on earth would drive him towards a need that’s already met?

Do you have ten slices of watermelon at a time or…

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