What Does It Mean to Be an Ungodly Woman?

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Wg are going to be talking about godly femininity. But first, let’s talk about ungodly femininity. You are welcome to join in on the discussion at http://www.peacefulwife.com today! This discussion applies to ALL women. Much love to you!

The Peaceful Wife

Me around 2004 when I was still SO BLIND to all my sin!Me around 2004 when I was still SO BLIND to all my sin! I was an ungodly woman on a daily basis at this point – even though I THOUGHT I was the most awesome Christian wife ever!

We are going to look at what godly femininity is. But sometimes, a powerful way to study what something is – is to look at what it is NOT. There may be some women for whom all of these things (about being an ungodly woman) would apply – hopefully not! But if any of these things describe our lives now, that is a problem! I don’t want us to compare ourselves to other sinful people, but to the holy standard of God. This may be a bit painful. My hope is that we might approach this list prayerfully, asking God to reveal any issues He has in our lives.

For all have…

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