Godly Femininity – Part 1

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This is one of the most important topics that we could talk about as women, in my view. I invite you to read today’s post and Thursday’s follow up. Much love to each of you!

The Peaceful Wife

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This topic could be a whole book. Actually, there are some books about it! You can find some of them in my post about my favorite marriage books. I had to break this post into two parts. There was just too much!

Recently, we examined femininity in general and then ungodly femininity. Today, we are going to talk about godly femininity or biblical womanhood. This is the real core of  God’s beautiful design for femininity. It is much more than any fluffy externals. I know we are just barely going to be able to scratch the surface in one post – but I’m going to share some things that the Bible describes that godly femininity is. Much of this post would apply to men in becoming godly men. But I will be addressing women specifically.


The main thing to keep in mind as we…

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