How I Journal and Conduct My Quiet Time

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I’d love for you to share how you enjoy your time with God with us!

The Peaceful Wife

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Some women have asked me to share how I have my Quiet Time with God. Let me say, there is not one “right way” to journal or to have a quiet time. There are many different ways of doing this, and that is ok!

Usually, I try to have my time of Bible reading and prayer in the morning with breakfast. That is not a magical time, it is just what works best for me.

I use spiral notebooks for my journaling.

I need to have quiet in the house – no TV on, no children talking and asking questions (ideally), no noise. I don’t want this to be something to check off of my to-do list. I want to know God more and more deeply. It is about relationship. I love to have at least 30 minutes, preferably more time if possible.

I start writing first, usually. I don’t…

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