Our Kitty Is Missing :(

Posted on November 7, 2014 by

The Peaceful Wife


We got a new kitten in August. He is a special breed that is much less likely to cause allergies. He has been such a blessing to Greg, me and our children. Our son is very allergic to cats – we never thought we would be able to have a cat – so Silver has been such an incredible blessing to all of us.

I saw Silver this morning – put him out of the great room (while Greg was taking the children to school) because he kept getting on the counters and I didn’t want him to get burned on the hot stove.

Greg and I are so careful when we come in and out of the house – because Silver did bolt outside once about a month ago. And we don’t ever want him to get outside. He is only an inside cat. He is so friendly, affectionate…

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