When Your Plans Fall Through

Posted on November 26, 2014 by

The Peaceful Wife


Happy Thanksgiving!

I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia this past Monday. That explains why I haven’t even had the energy to attempt a run in weeks or to walk up the stairs at night to tuck our little girl into bed. I had been pretty sick the past few weeks, barely getting any sleep because of my coughing, running myself crazy trying to work extra in the pharmacy (with long commutes), take care of our children, Greg, our home, and manage a lot of other pressing responsibilities. Of course, the week before I got really sick, I barely got any sleep because I kept getting up at all hours looking around the neighborhood for our lost kitten – who did show up 9 days after he escaped from the house. (Thank You SO much, Lord!)

By the time I could get to the doctor on Monday, I was actually doing…

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