Questions for the Men about How Romantic Movies/Books Affect Expectations in Women

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The Peaceful Wife


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Many women feel unfairly compared by men to fake, air-brushed, fantastical bodies of women in the media. They fear that no man would ever be able to love or be attracted to  a “real woman” without plastic surgery, smoke-and-mirrors, professional make up artists, and Hollywood magic.

Men are often being unfairly compared by women to fantasy, as well. But the comparison is a lot more subtle – at least to women.

I’d like to throw some light on this issue. But I need some help from the gentlemen, especially. You are welcome to answer any or all of the questions. (Ladies are welcome to answer, as well. 🙂 It’s also fine if you want to ask your husbands and share their answers – if they are ok with that, of course!)

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