The Worth of a Person

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The Peaceful Wife


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The world has many ways to size up a man and judge his “value” (and men often use these measuring sticks themselves, so do we as wives) by measuring:

  • The size of his paycheck
  • How cool his car is
  • How “hip” his clothes are
  • How cool his haircut is
  • Whether he owns a house or not
  • Whether he has a college degree and what college he attended
  • How well-kept his yard is
  • His neighborhood
  • His career
  • His popularity
  • The respect and admiration of his wife
  • How sexy he is
  • How sexy his wife is
  • What schools his children attends
  • His clubs/hobbies/social activities
  • What country he is from
  • His dialect
  • His aspirations
  • His friends
  • His activity level
  • His vacations
  • His mannerisms
  • How luxurious his home is
  • How much worldly power he…

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