“I Wish My Husband Would Pray with Me More” – Part 1

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What God showed me in the past week about this topic is something SO significant that I believe all of my single sisters need to see it, too. If you desire to be married at some point in the future, this is a must read!

The Peaceful Wife


The poll results have been very interesting from the questions I asked last week. I am so thankful for so many women (and men) answering my questions. It helps me to get a much better feel for what is going on in your prayer lives and what we may want to discuss together here. 🙂

After 297 people answered, here are the results:

  • Does your husband ask you to pray with him (other than at meal times)?

Never = 41%   Rarely = 27%   Sometimes = 13%   Daily = 7%   Often = 7%   Other = 4%

  • How often do you pray alone?

All throughout the day = 47%  Daily = 37%   A few times a week = 13%   Rarely = 3%   Never = 0%

  • Do you wish your husband would initiate prayer?

Yes!! = 87%   It doesn’t matter to me = 7%   Other = 4%  …

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