Biblical Submission Is Not Passivity

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Single women are not commanded to submit to their boyfriends or fiances. There was no such thing as dating in biblical times. But as you think about preparing to submit to a man in the future, if you believe God calls you to marry – this is a really critical issue. I want women to understand what biblical submission IS and what it IS NOT.

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The Peaceful Wife

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There seems to be so much confusion around the concept of biblical submission for wives. I’d like to discuss today something that biblical submission is not because a number of women think they hear me say that biblical submission means passivity:

  • I shouldn’t ever say how I feel or what I want.
  • I should have no opinions.
  • I should never disagree with my husband.
  • I should never share my insights, perspective, wisdom, or concerns with my husband.
  • I should be quiet all the time.
  • I should smile all the time.
  • I should let my husband decide everything in our marriage without any input from me whatsoever.

I am completely heartbroken to think that ANY wife would ever live like this!

This is not biblical submission. For a wife to give up all of her ideas, her personality, her influence, her identity, her personhood, her ideas, her emotions…

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