A Godly Wife Confronts Her Angry Husband Respectfully

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Perhaps God may use this wife’s approach to inspire you if you face conflict with someone…

The Peaceful Wife


This is a guest post by a dear sister in Christ – shared with her husband’s permission. They both desire God to use their story to bless other couples who are struggling. I realize every husband is different – and this approach may not be how God leads you to respond to your husband. That is totally fine. Follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting much more than anyone else’s story.

There are some husbands who are abusive who may respond violently to any attempt on a wife’s part to stand against sin. Please prayerfully consider any approach and know your husband. If you are not safe, please get somewhere safe. This post is not intended for wives whose husbands are violent, drunk, high, not in their right minds, or physically abusive. God never condones abuse or sin against anyone – and neither do I. All sin is abusive on some level. God never gives…

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