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Red Flags – Part 2

July 21, 2015 by


Remember, the red flags I mentioned in the first post (and today’s post) don’t mean “you can never marry a guy with this issue” or that “you can never get married if you have these issues.” They mean that these are things you will probably want to deal with in a godly, thorough way BEFORE […]

Do I Condone “BDSM” or “Christian Domestic Discipline”?

February 17, 2015 by


Warning – if you have never heard about these topics before, they are often very dark perversions of God’s design for sexuality, femininity, masculinity, and marriage. I am going to purposely leave out as much detail as I can. Some may prefer not to read about these issues at all. I am talking about them […]

“Do I Get to Punish My Man If He Upsets Me?”

December 15, 2014 by

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I have a very detailed post about this topic as it relates to a wife and husband on my other blog here, and I go into many ways wives may attempt to punish their husbands as well as what a wife can do if she is unhappy with her husband. But let’s talk a bit about this […]

We Reap What We Sow in Actions, Too – Not Just Words

March 31, 2014 by

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This is a comment from a wife who shared on the post yesterday, “We Reap What We Sow with Our Men.” This particular wife didn’t sin against her husband with words. But it is not only with our words that we can cause catastrophic damage to our men. I appreciate her willingness to share so much! […]

For Those Who Have Been Abused/Raped/Molested

March 26, 2014 by


Ladies,   Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions the other day. I want to try to get to know each of you as much as I possibly can – to give you love, encouragement, support, truth and blessing and to help you find healing in Christ. I appreciate your […]

Ben’s Perspective

January 10, 2014 by


Ben came to Christ 3 years ago.  I think he has a very interesting perspective that the ladies would be wise to listen to concerning Christian women falling for “bad boys.”  Thank you so much for your willingness to answer my questions, Ben! Hello Mrs. April, I want to be satisfied with Christ alone but […]

Crystal’s Story – Part 1

December 29, 2013 by


Crystal is a reader on whom  I “met” online over a year ago.  God is doing AMAZING things in her heart and life.   You can see a bit from this post what she has endured and the struggles that she has had because of the horrors she has gone through – and the healing […]

Am I “Too Damaged” to Have a Godly Marriage One Day?

December 20, 2013 by


Administrative Note: I am taking an email vacation through January 6th.  You are more than welcome to comment on the blog, but please hold emails for me until after that date.  Thanks so much for your understanding! 🙂 A question a precious sister in Christ sent me lately: So, if some people are damaged, and […]

If You Did Not Have a Godly, Loving, Affectionate, Involved Father…

November 25, 2013 by


...the process of learning to trust and love God, understanding who God is and becoming a godly woman and preparing to be a godly wife will be much more difficult for you. There are VERY deep scars and wounds in your heart, my precious girl! If you had a loving father around – you would […]

He Doesn’t Deserve My Respect

November 24, 2013 by


I’m continuing to address FAQs I get on this blog and on  This post is about the mindset I believe a woman must have toward her husband once she is married. Before you are married is the time to decide if a man “deserves” your respect.  Once you commit to marriage and he is […]